True inclusion starts with you.

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It can be difficult to navigate professional interactions with LGBTQ+ coworkers when you feel like you always say the "wrong" thing.

No one wants to unintentionally offend or hurt their coworkers, and it can be so embarrassing when someone takes your words the wrong way. Coming Out Happy is here to help allies like you say what you really mean and create the best possible work environment for everyone,

starting with day-to-day conversations.

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About Us

Coming Out Happy is an LGBTQ+ wellness company dedicated to helping organizations like yours in creating holistic, LGBTQ+ identity- informed solutions that empower employees at every level to support equitable professional environments and improve overall organizational success.

Dani Silber

Co-Founder, Author &

Certified IPEC Life Coach

Dani is a Certified IPEC Life Coach with 7+ years experience working with Queer adults, 2x published author, and a highly passionate human being. She helps you navigate taking the first steps to huge goals. Creating true workplace inclusion for LGBTQ+ employees has it's challenges, but Dani will give you the clarity you need to take your first steps towards the goals you want to achieve.

Keely Antonio

Co-Founder, Certified Somatic Attachment Therapist & Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Keely is a Certified Somatic Attachment Therapist, Certified E.F.T. Practitioner and your biggest hype woman. From Emotional Freedom Technique to Somatic Healing and Visualizations...she has helped hundreds of people embrace authenticity with her mind-body approach to healing.

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