Which Red Flag In Yourself Is Ruining Your Relationships? Take the quiz!

For the driven queer adult who...

  • Has it "all together" on the outside but struggles to create vulnerable, healthy relationships
  • Has given yourself emotionally & financially to people who didn't reciprocate
  • Has U-Hauled (moved quickly) & lost yourself taking care of everyone else
  • Is READY for a new set of tools, strategies & skills to break these patterns so you CAN create healthy relationships.

Meet The Experts

Hey there! We're Dani & Keely (the founders of Coming Out Happy, World's Leading Queer Wellness Company)

Dani is a certified IPEC Life Coach & 2x Published Author. Keely is a certified Somatic Attachment Therapist & EFT Practitioner. Through our years of training, extensive research with thousands of clients and our own personal experience, we've hand-crafted this quiz to give you the answers you've been waiting for so you can begin creating the life & relationships you deserve. Let's do this.