LIVE Friday April 30th - Sunday May 2nd at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST! Replays available if you can't attend live :)

Dating Authentically A.F.
3 Day Challenge

Discover the 3 keys to attracting and maintaining your dream just 3 days! Sign up below to begin this new journey and walk away knowing what you need to do to make your dream relationship a reality.

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Imagine with what you learn from the 3 day challenge YOU can...

  • Find a beautiful, balanced relationship without always settling for less than you deserve
  • Be fulfilled in relationships without giving up all of your own needs
  • Express what you really want without feeling guilty about it

We're Here To Support You In Finding The Love Of Your Life!

Hey, we're Dani & Keely, your new LGBTQ+ life coaches. We help people all over the world find love that finally feels good through becoming your best you, first.

For so long we had to put on a mask hiding who we were, not speaking up for what we really wanted and put everyone else's needs above our own. We knew there was more to life than that so we took a look at ourselves and took a leap of...investing in ourselves. After a few years, we watched it transform our lives in every way and wanted to guide other LGBTQ+ adults do the same!

We created Dating Authentically A.F. to help you find love that's aligned with you!

You are going to love this. Can't wait to see you in the challenge!


Grab your ticket above for access to this incredible LIVE 3-day training! There will be recordings available if you can't attend live. Save your spot and register ABOVE!

Who Is This For?

  • You know that in order to create healthy relationships you have to put yourself first.
  • You've invested in yourself before and know that getting support can help you get to where you want to go by saving you time/energy, holding you accountable and giving you tools/strategies to overcome obstacles you're currently facing
  • Everything else in your life seems great ( career, accomplishing goals,etc.) but something about your relationships feels like it hasn't been changing. You're attracting the same "type" of person and you want to break the cycle and find love you truly deserve
  • You know you're responsible for creating the life and relationship you want
  • You know that anything good in life takes dedication and doing things differently than you're currently doing...even if you're scared you're ready to try new things

Who Is This NOT For?

  • You're unwilling to challenge yourself and your current thinking. You half-heartedly sign up for challenges thinking they can change your life without putting your full self into them
  • You'd rather keep your relationships and level of confidence exactly how they are. You're comfortable where you are and you're not willing to work through the uncomforable parts of change.
  • You're looking to just snap your fingers and have everything fall into place.
  • You're in victim mentality and blaming everyone else for why you aren't seeing the changes that you want.

Here's What's Inside When You Join Us For The Challenge

Day 1 Authentic Power

Understand the authenticity spark that will bring you....

  • Glowing confidence.
  • Aligned relationships.
  • Ultimate peace of mind in your love life.

Day 2 Self-Love

More than just bubble baths and face masks....

  • Never settle for less than you deserve again.
  • Set yourself free & step into your greatness.
  • Discover the secrets to go after what's right for you.

Day 3 Create Your Ideal Relationship

One that doesn't just exist as a daydream...

  • You're finally made a priority.
  • You're not forcing things to work, they just make sense.
  • You'll be wondering where this person has been your whole life.


What if I can't attend one of the days?

All of the replays are available in the Private Facebook Group until the end of the challenge! You'll have time to catch up before the next day's event!

When is the live challenge?

The live challenge is from April 30th - May 2nd where Dani & Keely will be hosting daily live trainings in our Private Facebook Group at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST each day.

Do you offer refunds?

You can get a refund anytime BEFORE the event starts (April 30th 2021). Because of the time and effort put into this challenge, after the event begins on day 1, there are no refunds for joining this challenge. To request a refund before the challenge, please email

Did we mention that we're giving away amazing BONUSES too?!

You’re going to love what your new authentic dating life will look like.

Here’s to True Love!