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Dating Authentically A.F.
3 Day Challenge

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Ready to map out your dream relationship in just 3 days?

  • What if you could find your forever person without settling for less than you deserve?
  • What if it were possible to be fulfilled in relationships without giving up all of your own needs?
  • What if you could express what you really want without feeling guilty about it?

We're Here To Support You In Finding The Love Of Your Life!

Hey, we're Dani & Keely, your new LGBTQ+ confidence coaches. We help people all over the world find love that finally feels good.

For so long we had to put on a mask hiding who we were, not speaking up for what we really wanted and put everyone else's needs above our own. We knew there was more to life than that so we took a look at ourselves and took a leap of...investing in ourselves. After a few years, we watched it transform our lives in every way and wanted to guide other LGBTQ+ adults do the same!

We created Dating Authentically A.F. to help you find love that's aligned with you!

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Who Is This For?

  • You know that in order to create healthy relationships , you have to put yourself first.
  • You know you're responsible for creating the life and relationship you want
  • You know that anything good in life takes dedication and doing things differently than you're currently doing...even if you're scared you're ready to try new things

Who Is This NOT For?

  • You're unwilling to challenge yourself and your current thinking
  • You'd rather keep your relationships and level of confidence exactly how they are
  • You're looking for a quick and easy fix

3 Day Challenge Breakdown

Day 1 Authentic Power

Understand the importance of being your true self and how it effects your future relationship in so many ways.

Day 2 Self-Love

Understand why you have to start dating yourself so you can find better matches, know what you deserve and create abundance in your love life.

Day 3 Create Your Dream Relationship

Find who your ideal partner is and start the journey to finidng your forever soulmate!


Did we mention that we're giving away amazing BONUSES too?!

You’re going to love what your new authentic dating life will look like.

Here’s to True Love!