Coming out later in life can be filled with questions of where to even begin. Ready to embrace who you are? Start Here.

Embracing Authenticity Course

Your Guide To Living Freely After Coming Out Later As A Queer Adult

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It can be overwhelming to navigate this new part of who you are.

You may constantly ask yourself questions like...

"Will I ever find love? Am I too old to find love?"

"How can I feel comfortable in this new identity?"

"Will I ever feel comfortable with the idea of dating? It's all new and I feel insecure with all of it."

"Do I have to dress or look a certain way to fit in?"

"I've exclusively dated only ____ before, what does this mean for me?"

Becoming the authentic & confident version of yourself happens when you allow yourself to let go of the expectations put on you.

Did you know that 68% of queer adults grew up not feeling accepted?

It's no wonder we've molded ourselves into who others wanted us to be. Here's where you can begin to let go of what people think of you so you can be at peace with your identity no matter who approves.

Introducing...Embracing Authenticity Mini Course

Join this "do-it-yourself" course today. You don't have to wait to feel instantly more at peace with who you are as you're navigating this new journey.

Living Freely Starts Today

This course is perfect for those who are ready to uncover what it means to be authentically you and explore more of who you are. Get started today and have 30 days access to this entire course! Do it all from the comfort of your own home, on your time.

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  • Guided worksheets with each video lesson to dig deep!
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I'm Ready!

Your satisfaction is important to us. Because you will have 30 days access to the entirety of the digital course and materials, we have a no refund policy.

What You'll Learn

When you join this mini course, you'll get instant access to these transformational video lessons.

Exploring Expectations

Uncover the expectations you’ve set for yourself based on other people’s needs, rather than your own.

Letting Go Of Who You Thought You "Should Be"

This meditation activity has helped hundreds of LGBTQ+ adults INSTANTLY feel like the "weight is lifted off their shoulders" from the pressure of the world to be someone they're not so they decide who they are.

Creating Relationships & Community

We'll show you the basics of creating healthy relationships all around you and exploring who you are confidently!

Becoming That Authentic & Confident YOU!

Together, we'll visualize the version of you who's proud of who they are so you're one step closer to living in your truth and creating the life of your dreams.


We believe everyone has the right to feel confident in who they are, no matter what age they discover they may not be so straight.

Coming out later in life as a queer adult can be so much to navigate on your own. Without support and tools, it's difficult to feel comfortable in yourself because of years of hiding who you wanted to be.

We don't believe in telling you how to come out or where to find dates (because there's no right way to do any of it), but we can help you during this transitional period of your life so you can begin to embrace your identity and who you're becoming.

We believe in building courses that go beyond the surface so you can take the actions needed to live the life you actually want....instead of living to make everyone else feel comfortable.

Simply put, we believe in giving you the tools so you can live your most authentic life.


You don't need to wait for something magical to happen to start becoming who you actually want to be. Get the mini course today and jump in—we promise you'll love it.


We've got A's for your Q's

Why can I only have access for 30 days?

We know that "forever access" usually hurts more than helps anyone. We don't want you to purchase this and never look at it again. With 30 days access, you'll be able to jump right in and start transforming how you feel about your identity. We're on your team.

How do I know it's for me?

If you're just figuring out you're LGBTQ+ (no matter how you identify) and you're not feeling confident in who you are...this is for you. This is also for you no matter what stage of the "coming out" process you're in. Because you deserve to feel great no matter who knows about your identity.

Do I have to show up to anything?

Nope! This mini course is all "watch on your own" and you have 30 days to get through this mini course. We know this time can be overwhelming so we give you exactly what you need, with the comfort of doing this on your own. Show up for yourself, and that's where the transformation begins.

What if I'm not just coming out but struggling with dating?

This course is heavily focused on those who are recently coming out and exploring who they are. If you're struggling with dating, we'd recommend "Get Confident & Don't Settle" Mini Course.  

When can I get started?

Right away! You don't have to wait to jump into this. In fact, we'd recommend joining as soon as possible—This introductory price won't last forever.

Does my location matter?

Anyone can purchase this mini course no matter where you are in the world.  

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Embracing Authenticity

Your Guide To Letting Go Of Who You Thought You "Should Be" So You Can Be Who You Really Want.

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