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So who's this really for?

Whether you’re in a relationship, dating, or just focusing on yourself, the Queer Happiness Collective can help you finally be the person, friend, and partner that you’ve always wanted to be.

You're excited to...


  You’re a life-long learner searching for support to become a better partner, communicate better show up confidently, and more!


You're ready to meet growth-minded people who are dedicated to their own healing journey. (And you want to be one, too!)


You’re motivated to do the deep inner work, hold yourself accountable, and open up to others.


You’re ready to love deeper than ever before and create healthy relationships with new skills and tools.

The Community That Grows With You, No Matter Your Relationship Status

This worldwide community gives you 24/7 access to self-aware LGBTQ+ adults like you, committed to self-discovery and creating the life & love of their dreams. Through weekly journaling prompts, live virtual events, and a facilitated community, you’ll find all the tools – and support – you need to finally align your body, mind, and heart.

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Expert Guidance on

All Things LGBTQ+ Love & Relationships

We’ve hand-picked our favorite wellness experts to help you holistically (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually) because creating healthy relationships means becoming a better person in every aspect of your life. We've loaded up our platform with on-demand classes hosted by a queer expert or ally on highly-requested topics.

Popular Videos Included:

  • Sexual Communication
  • Mind-Body Connection Practices (Somatic Healing, E.F.T., To Break Unhealthy Relationship Patterns)
  • Creating Healthy Queer Friendships

Your Questions Answered

Get direct and honest answers to your burning questions about queer relationships, healthy friendship, & MORE directly from world's leading queer wellness & relationship coaches, Dani & Keely.

With input from Dani, Keely, and your QHC peers, there’s limitless potential for self discovery and collaboration.

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World's Leading Experts

Just a few of our incredible monthly workshop contributors inside the club!


Herbal Self-Care


Hypnotherapy For Self-Love


Sexual Communication


Religious Trauma (Navigating A World Of Unaccepting People)

Meet The Team!

Dani & Keely, founders of Coming Out Happy & creators of QHC!


Dani is a Certified IPEC Life Coach with 7+ years experience working with Queer adults, 2x published author, and a highly passionate human being. She helps you navigate taking the first steps to huge goals. Life & relationships have their challenges, but Dani will give you the clarity you need to take your first steps towards the goals you want.


Keely is a Certified Somatic Attachment Therapist, Certified E.F.T. Practitioner and your biggest hype woman. From Emotional Freedom Technique, Somatic Healing and Visualizations...Keely has workshops to help you conquer healthy Queer relationships, self-love & more. She has helped hundreds of people breakthrough trauma with her mind-body approach to healing.

Certified Community Testimonials

See what other members are saying about the workshops, community and Q&A's👇

"This one was super exciting to me because I’ve been regularly drinking tea for about six months now and have been trying out various locally made teas and honeys!! I really appreciated the opportunity to learn more about it!" (Herbal Self-Care Workshop)

"I had a really great visibility and could even taste a meal I was having at this retreat in Ibiza I'd like to do to. I was there confident, looking good and working for myself. I saw people from my past who have rejected me. It felt good to turn them down and also turn my own self worth up. I really felt it. I've just become a hypnotherapist myself so loved this one." (Hypnotherapy For Self-Love)

"I thought this was great. It definitely confirmed some things I encountered in my own deconstruction journey but also gave a better understanding of the actions of those who are still involved in the church." (Navigating A World Of Unaccepting People / Religious Trauma)

I really enjoy yoga and frequently forget how good it is for me even if for only 15 minutes." (Beginners Yoga)

"Keely's 21 day challenge inspired me to add in a challenge for myself which I want to share with you all. I’m calling it the 18 day “It’s the little things” challenge. I’ll be writing the little moments that bring happiness and joy to my day as well as little wins for myself. "

"10/10 would recommend this community! Our last live Q&A with Dani & Keely gave me so much insight on creating and maintaining healthy friendships- something that isn't talked about enough!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Membership Right For Me?

The Queer Happiness Collective is for all queer adults who are ready to continue their personal growth journey with new tools and resources specifically tailored to our community. If learning with other self-aware queer adults is a top priority to you, you'd absolutely love being a part. As soon as you register using the payment link here, you'll get instant access to our platform and community.

Why is the community aspect important to healing?

Healing happens in community, not isolation. This wellness club exists because we want to emphasize growing with others who just get you and uplifting other queer experts and ally's in the wellness space. The best part is that our community platform is away from social media, so you're securely in this dedicated space.

What is holistic wellness?

Holistic wellness focuses on your overall well-being including mind, body and soul. Traditional wellness providers usually just focus on symptoms, but we're here to get to the root and give you the natural resources and education you need to feel great. Our students love mind-body healing which is in many of the workshops as everything is connected.

Can I join if I already have mental health support?

Of course! Many club members have been seeing a therapist for a long time and are looking for new ways to expand their well-being, which is where we come in!

How much of a time commitment is QHC?

With all of our workshops being on-demand, the time you put in is what you'll get out! We have one impactful group coaching call (a live Q&A) every month for an hour along with weekly journaling prompts in the community. The time you spend cultivating community by attending the Q&A and answering the prompts depends on you, but we know when you make time to dive in, you see results and can even make some connections along the way.

How does billing work?

You will be charged 7 days after you begin your free trial and then every 30 days. You’ll be charged $47 USD or if you join with a partner, $67 USD per month. You can cancel any time, but at least 7 days before your next billing cycle.

Have more questions? Email team@comingouthappy.com

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We’re on a mission to help YOU become the most confident, authentic version of yourself so you can thrive in your relationships and life.