Creating Healthy Queer Relationships Can Be A Challenge As A Queer Adult, But We've Got You.

Virtual Mini Course For LGBTQ Adults

Get Confident & Don't Settle

Discover The 3 Secrets To Creating Aligned Queer Relationships


Truth Bomb!

You may find yourself skipping over major red flags, rushing into relationships time and time again and feeling insecure when we're finding or creating relationships.

You deserve to create relationships that don't involve racing to the "U-Haul", losing yourself and are finally balanced, slow and meaningful.

But, to create healthy starts with you and how you feel about yourself.

How To Know If You're Not Confident When Dating...

  • You're constantly thinking you won't find anyone else or put pressure on finding "the one" right now so you stay in relationships longer than you want to
  • You rush into every relationship (U-Haul Alert) you're in and wonder why it keeps failing
  • You're new to dating and are holding yourself back from dating entirely because you're afraid of all of the "what if's"
  • You get extremely nervous with the thought of talking to anyone because you don't want to get it wrong or have them not like you
  • You've always made sure your previous partners were happy, leaving your needs met last
  • You've "lost yourself" in dating wayyyy too many times to count and don't know who you are after all of it

What Life Could Look Like TOMORROW When You Take A New Approach....

Be empowered to create a life you LOVE without forcing relationships to work when they don't feel you can enjoy being single and feel prepared whenever someone amazing comes along.

Understand how to break the cycle of constantly attracting the same "type" of person that isn't giving you what you truly want and you only spend your energy on people who reciprocate back!

Know fulfilling LGBTQ+ love is possible for you even if you haven't dated yet so you can feel confident and excited about the life and relationships you're creating even if its far into the future.


Get Confident & Don't Settle Course

Discover The 3 Secrets To Creating Aligned Queer Relationships

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Mini Course Breakdown...Here's What You'll Learn:

Module 1 Authentic Power!

Understand the importance of showing up authentically in your romantic and platonic relationships.

Learn how vulnerability allows for lasting connection to those around you.

Module 2 How To Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve.

Whole-heartedly believe that you deserve to be your truest self, and know how to reach it.

Recognize the negative self-talk holding you back from aligned relationships

Discover the secrets to go after what's right for you and let go when things aren't.

Module 3 Create Your Ideal Relationship (Even If It's Not Right Now!)

Envision a life where balanced relationships and self-happiness are both prioritized.

Map out your ideal relationship- where you're forcing things to work, they just make sense.

When You Join This Course, Here's Everything You'll Get:

All-Access To A Bundle Of Lessons!

That's right- we're giving you recorded lessons that have helped hundreds of people map out their ideal relationship and life. You'll also have 30 days access to these lessons that you can come back to at any time within the month from the comfort of your own home.

Downloadable Workbook For Your Journey

You’ll get in depth worksheets for each day so you can experience personalized growth without missing a beat.

BONUS #1 Guided Meditation "Attract Your Dream Partner"

This is a bonus you won't want to miss. This meditation helps you get clear on what you want so you can manifest a relationship that's healthy, balanced and fulfilling.

BONUS #2 Personal invitation to our LIVE Event "It Starts With You"!

Just for joining this course, you ALSO get ONE FREE TICKET to the live event we host every 3 months where you have access to a private community of people on the journey just like you, live Q&A sessions with Dani & Keely & bonuses just for attending LIVE!

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One Click Stands In The Way Between You & Feeling Confident In The Relationships You're Creating.

You may have spent years being unfulfilled in your love's time for a change. We'll show you just how we've done it ourselves and have helped hundreds of other LGBTQ+ adults do the same.

We're Here To Support You In Finding The Love Of Your Life!

Hey, we're Dani & Keely, your new LGBTQ+ life coaches. We help people all over the world create their dream relationship and life through wholeheartedly loving yourself first.

We created this mini course to help you prepare for love that's aligned with you!

Throughout the mini course, you'll know exactly what you need to do to make authentic queer relationships a reality.



What is included in this mini course?

This course is pre-recorded that includes 3 modules of lessons (that you'll have 30 days access to), interactive worksheets to accompany each lesson throughout your journey and as a bonus...ONE FREE TICKET to the live version of this course! We host this event LIVE where you have access to a private community of people on the journey just like you, live Q&A sessions with Dani & Keely & bonuses just for attending LIVE!

Do I Have To Want A Relationship Right Now To Take This Course?

Absolutely not- this course will help you understand how to prepare for a relationship whenever you're ready to put yourself back out there.

How is this different from the live workshop "It Starts With You"?

Our live workshop is only hosted a few times a year and we offer bonuses for those who attend the live event, but they don't receive recordings. For this mini-course, you have 30 days access to the recordings and can watch all of it on your own time.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this course, we don't offer refunds.

Have any other questions?

Email us at with any other questions you have.