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Coming Out Happy is the world’s leading wellness company for queer adults who are ready to thrive in their life and relationships. Through inclusive coaching and evidence-based methods, we help queer adults worldwide become better, together.


I’m Keely! Mind-Body Healing Expert

As a Somatic Attachment Therapist & EFT Practitioner, I have helped hundreds of busy adults from all over the world uncover, optimize and grow a beautiful relationship with you are absolutely in the right place! You'll get a private 60 minute power-healing session including the recording with me to take life to the next level

$197 USD Per Session

I’m Dani! Certified Life Coach + 2x Author

I help you navigate taking the first steps to huge goals. Life & relationships have their challenges, but a private 60 minute coaching session with me will give you the clarity you need to take your first steps towards the goals you want. (Recording included!)

$197 USD Per Session


Your goals are our specialty. Here's what past clients wanted support with:

Queer Relationships

Ending unhealthy relationship patterns happens here with the tools & support from a coach who's been there. Goodbye U-hauling!

Cultivating Confidence

Create a radiating glow no one can resist. We'll show you step-by-step how to release caring about what others think so you can be proud of who you are.

Queer Friendships

You need queer friendships but don't know how to maintain them platonically- we'll show you how to create community you thrive in instead of ruining them with confusion.

Boundaries & Communication

Say goodbye to the people-pleasing & over-giving in you. Learn how to speak up for what you need without the guilt holding you back.

Coming Out Later

When you're coming out, there's a list of unanswered questions stepping into this new identity. Let us guide you confidently through this process.

Secure Attachment

Insecure attachment & triggers ruining your relationships? We'll show you how to lead with security and break free from old wounds.

Becoming Authentic

Even people who came out 20 years ago may find themselves hiding their true needs/wants. We'll show you what it takes to step into your authentic self.

Mind-Body Connection

You've been out-of-touch and lost self-trust. With mind-body tools, we'll show you how to understand your body's signals so you can know where to go next.


"An hour with Coming Out Happy was more helpful than the last 10 years I've spent just "talking" about my patterns or situations in traditional therapy. I was tired of just talking...I was ready to move out of my trauma." - Jessica D., USA

"There's a time you need to pick yourself and put in the effort to break old a few months, you become a confident person working with COH coaches." — Erica Sullivan, 2021 US Olympic Swimmer & Collegiate Athlete


First, we listen.

During your first session, your coach will start with an honest chat with you to understand you, your goals and needs.

Then, we learn.

Together, you and your coach will highlight what patterns, habits & mindsets are holding you back from reaching your goals. We're deep diving into what has led you here. 

Lastly, we lead.

What we learn about you sets the foundation for your next steps forward. We’ll build upon activities, tools & mindset shifts to help you reach your goals faster with a coach who truly understands you.

You're Never Too Busy To Become Your Best.

Book a session with a queer coach today.

"I didn't think I needed to do any more work on myself after years of therapy..but I knew I was deeply unfulfilled. My body has been telling me I needed a change in my relationship patterns, but I never listened to it until doing Somatic Therapy with Coming Out Happy." - Hellen S., Ireland


I am currently seeing a therapist, would this still be helpful?

Many of our now clients come to us thinking they've already "done the work" on themselves but are still finding themselves stuck after 5, 10, 20 years of "talk therapy". While therapy can be extremely helpful, we take a mind-body approach to healing to move the trauma out of your body.

We get stuck because just talking about your patterns, situations or attachment style is being aware mentally, but awareness is only the FIRST step towards healing. This approach has worked for hundreds of our clients so it's time to try another approach! You'll never know until you try.

Many people see both us as healers/coaches and therapist at the same time to effectively create the life they want.

How are the coaching sessions hosted?

All of our coaching sessions are confidential and hosted through Zoom.

Why should I book a private session?

We're here to help you elevate with the highest level of support we provide. This is a great place to start to see if you like working with Dani & Keely as well as unpacking your most important questions. They give you no b.s. coaching so you can figure out who you really are, what you want and uncover the things you may not be aware of on your own.

Having a new perspective and tools can help get you to where you want to go, faster.

What are the certifications the coaches have?

We're thrilled you're interested in learning more about our coaches. Dani is a certified IPEC life coach with over 7+ years experience. Keely is a certified somatic attachment therapist and E.F.T. practitioner. Learn more about the duo here.

Can I purchase multiple sessions at a time?

Yes! Just select the amount of sessions and we will chat about when to use them on our first call.

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