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Need a jumpstart to begin the journey so you can create healthy queer relationships and a life you LOVE? This introductory one-time coaching session is customized to you! Must be 18+ and can be worldwide!

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Your satisfaction with Private Coaching is important to us. Yet, because of the preparation, effort and time that goes into creating and providing the Private Coaching Session and materials, we have a no refund policy.

Holistic forms of healing are oftentimes the last options explored, but the most needed!

Traditional Healing Isn't The Only Option

Holistic healing, like Somatic Therapy, is method of healing trauma and restoring a person’s connection with their body so they can release what they’ve held onto from the past. Keely became a Certified Somatic Healer after finding herself and her clients stuck in YEARS of traditional talk therapy.

"An hour with Coming Out Happy was more helpful than the last 10 years I've spent just "talking" about my patterns or situations. I was tired of just talking...I was ready to move out of my trauma." -Jessica, USA

"I didn't think I needed to do any more work on myself after years of therapy..but I knew I was deeply unfulfilled. My body has been telling me I needed a change in my relationship patterns, but I never listened to it until doing Somatic Therapy with Coming Out Happy." - Hellen, Ireland

Mind-Body Connection

The pain and overwhelming responses manifested by attachment trauma take us away from feeling at home in our body, within the world, and with others. Somatic therapy brings us back.

"Trauma is stored in the subconscious mind, so using words (i.e talk therapy) alone is an incomplete approach for transformation. " View our quick demonstration of what a session looks like!

Through somatic healing modalities, we show our clients how to become aware of the deeper sensations they feel in their body so they aren’t just aware (mentally) of their relationship patterns, people-pleasing tendencies or any other uncomfortable feelings…but they know what it feels like in their body. If you don’t become aware of the sensation, you’ll most likely distract yourself from these feelings and repeat the same patterns over and over again.

Other Modalities We Use

We guide our clients using multiple modalities of alternative & holistic healing to maximize their experience. We also use:


Life Coaching Modalities

Create a conscious connection with yourself and others through compassionate self-reflection. This is how we've built our signature PRIDE Method Framework, a 5 step system to stop people-pleasing and step into your own power as a high-achieving queer adult.


Meditations & Guided Visualizations

Meditation practices bring you to a calm and relaxed state of awareness and promotes emotional well-being. Guided Visualizations come into play when you're training your mind to visually see what you want, experiencing what you want, which leads to greater chances of actually going after your goals.


Emotional Freedom Technique

Similar to acupressure, clients tap on meridian energy lines in the body using their fingers to restore their body’s energy. Tapping principles were built on the practices used in ancient Chinese Medicine, showing us that our body has energy pathways and that tapping on certain points in our body can actually stimulate the stuck energy.

This quick and easy to use energy healing modality combines cognitive therapy, exposure and somatic stimulation to create a mind-body connection. Our clients love this method as they learn to tune into negative patterns that they form around uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and memories that are transformed and cleared in the body.

Here's What You Get:

When you purchase an introductory session, here's what's included!

Power Hour Private Call

One 60 minute private call with Dani & Keely through Zoom. You'll have the support from TWO coaches (with different perspectives, certifications and healing modalities) to maximize your experience.

Recording Access

After our session, you'll receive lifetime access to the recording of the session! You can watch this as many times as you'd like.

"There's a time you need to pick yourself and put in the effort to break old 6 months time you become a confident person" — Erica Sullivan, 2021 US Olympic Swimmer & Collegiate Athlete


I already see a therapist, do I need this?

Many of our now clients come to us thinking they've already "done the work" on themselves but are still finding themselves stuck after 5, 10, 20 years of "talk therapy". While therapy can be extremely helpful, we take a mind-body approach to healing to move the trauma out of your body.

We get stuck because just talking about your patterns, situations or attachment style is being aware mentally, but awareness is only the FIRST step towards healing. This approach has worked for hundreds of our clients so it's time to try another approach! You'll never know until you try.

Many people see both us as healers/coaches and therapist at the same time to effectively create the life they want.

What if doing this work and becoming my true self scares me?

You’ve been hiding who you are for too long. Prioritizing your life and your happiness starts here. You deserve it.

What can Dani & Keely help me with?

During this one-time coaching session, it is designed to help you with what you're going through. From understanding your identity to creating healthy queer relationships, they can help you get more clarity and focus in what you're experiencing.

Why should I book a one-time session?

This is a great place to start to see if you like working with Dani & Keely as well as unpacking your most important questions. They give you no b.s. coaching so you can figure out who you really are, what you want and uncover the things you may not be aware of on your own.

Having a new perspective and tools can help get you to where you want to go...and the best part is that if you want to continue having support- they'll roll in everything you paid into the next program so there's no harm in trying a session out.

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