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It's Time To Stop Living For Everyone Else

As LGBTQ+ adults, many of us grew up not feeling accepted by society, family, ourselves...we felt pressured to be whoever they wanted us to be. So we abandon everything that makes us our authentic selves in order to feel accepted/loved.

As we start to come out, we may feel more confident in our LGBTQ+ identity but are still doing everything we can to make people like us (just like we did in our younger days)

We find ourselves as adults in relationships that are one-sided, we're settling for way less than we deserve, lost in who we really are (because we've been molding ourselves into who others want us to be) and people-pleasing left and right in many codependent relationships.

If no one told you doesn't have to stay this way.

You've done what was expected of you for far too long and now you're ready to take your life back. You deserve to create a life where you LOVE who you're becoming and actually attract someone into your life not because you're afraid you won't find anyone else...but because they're actually an aligned person that also adds to your life..

"Working with Dani & Keely has changed my life. Being LGBTQ+ has so many unique struggles and it can be difficult to navigate all of the ups and downs, especially when people around you don't understand. I've learned so much about myself through working with them and being a part of this beautiful growth-minded community!" - Bryona, USA

After having a divorce many years ago and struggling with understanding myself, I finally feel like I'm coming out again in my mid 30s and re-discovering who I am. I’m seeing what boundaries I need to implement very clearly for the first time! I feel much more confident in how I look, expressing myself, taking time for myself and what it means to be LGBTQ+ at 36.  It definitely can be hard to sit with the uncomfortable feelings that have been suppressed for many years but all of it is worth it and is helping me grow! I'm loving investing into myself. I'm really happy with Pride Amplified and love that I have this support in my life. - Natalie, UK

"The day that will forever be etched in my mind. August 27, 2020. The day I was set free, The day everyone would know who I really am. Coming out was the most liberating thing I have ever done in my life. All the feedback I received on my social media platforms was amazing. I owe it all to Dani and Keely. Working with them changed my life and gave me the courage to come out and accept myself for who I am truly meant to be. I will forever be grateful for that. If you are contemplating joining them, just remember it is never too late to live your best life.  Being happy and self confident in who you really are is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself." - Brandi, USA

YES, let's do this!

You're In The Right Place If ...

  • You're a high-achieving, passionate, driven person who seems to have it "all-together" on paper- the perfect career, house, etc...but you feel unfulfilled in your life, relationships, etc.
  • Every time you get into a relationship you never feel like you're a priority and are always waiting around for them to text you back
  • You find it hard to be vulnerable and make close connections
  • You're constantly seeking validation from social media, friends, relationships or co-workers
  • You're always in give,give,give mode and the people in your life never seem to reciprocate the same
  • You're tired of the endless "negative self-talk" and overthinking cycle you've been putting yourself through for years and want to create a loving relationship with yourself.
  • You sabotage opportunities or relationships and feel stuck living to your fullest potential

"I've loved coaching with Dani & Keely, they both push me and force me to do the DEEP inner work during the calls.  I really needed individuals to "kick my butt." I've learned so much already.  I'm finally able to recognize when I'm performing past behaviors in current relationships.  In addition, I feel that I am gaining the tools to live my life the way I want to live it...I am so much more confident in just two months." - Lauren, USA

"I’ve learned so much being in Pride Amplified. Before joining, my life revolved around making sure others were happy or comfortable and I absorbed who everyone wanted me to be. Since being in PA, I know who I am now, I understand my worth and how my needs/wants are important. My actions are different now! I have finally been able to set boundaries with family, friends, coworkers and in my new relationship. The best part of working together in Pride Amplified were the live calls...hearing from others and sharing what we have been through has been a game changer on this journey." - Marcey, USA

Introducing... the Pride AmplifiedSignature Group Coaching Program!

Be Unapologetically YOU!

You're able to walk into a room or put yourself out there without worrying about who's judging you. You will feel empowered and excited about the person you are. You will walk away from people who don't bring anything positive to your life. You will be the badass main character who knows their worth.

Attract Genuine & Meaningful Relationships! 

You will show up differently & improve the quality of your relationships. You will learn the skills to surround yourself with people who value and appreciate you for who you are. You will finally start attracting and maintaining relationships with partners that are also looking for meaningful connections that you can create a life with.

What's Included In Pride Amplified?

Our signature group experience was created because there's no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to you and we know you deserve the support/accountability to get you there. You're here because what you've been doing hasn't been working and you're not looking for another quick fix to patch this up. You've read the books, listened to podcasts, started meditating, looked for help everywhere and you're ready for real, long lasting solutions. We've combined our signature framework, live group calls to have all your burning questions answered and a community of like-minded individuals to amplify your journey. Using mindfulness, manifestation and spirituality (universe, law of attraction)...we're here to show you how you can use your inner power to create the life and relationships you've always dreamed of.

The Pride Method Framework

You'll have access to The Pride Method Framework for the 6 months duration of this program. We know you're a busy person which is why our framework is filled with 6 modules of jam packed videos that are short and sweet, just what you need to know every month to support you on this journey.

Private Community

You'll have access to our private community with other P.A. Members for your 6 months with us (not Facebook, called Mighty Networks)! We'll be sharing our "wins", communicating with each other and connecting with people just like us! You have a team rooting you on every step of the way.

Monthly Live Coaching Calls

We host TWO live group calls a month, and they are your opportunity to have your burning questions answered whether you're on the call or watch the replay, yes they'll be available for you! These calls are also your safe space to be able to share anything that's on your heart/mind, we call it a "check-in" that we do as a collective!

BONUS! Student Introduction Success Session

You'll be meeting privately with Dani & Keely to set you up for success in the program as soon as you join! We want to make sure you have all of the tools and resources you need to absolutely crush your time with us. This is where we get to know more about you and see how we can best support you!

Our Wonderful Client Wins!

Before I started working with Dani and Keely, I had no relationship with myself and didn't value my own happiness. I just wanted others to be happy. Since joining them in Pride Amplified, I feel close with myself and am learning how to put myself first. The fact that I want to continue to grow and work on myself is HUGE! Before working with Dani and Keely I really didn’t think I deserved that. Since joining Pride Amplified, my overall mindset has changed drastically. Self care, self love, and self acceptance has worked its way into my everyday life and has even become something I'm really passionate about. I truly have Dani and Keely to thank for that. -McKenna, USA

"Before I hired Dani & Keely as life coaches, I was struggling a lot with people pleasing and setting boundaries for myself towards other people. It’s still a bit of a struggle but I’ve come a lot further since I worked with Dani and Keely. I’ve gotten the tools to help me keep working on it!"- Nicole, Denmark

Pride Amplified Is The Real Deal

Welcome to our Signature Framework...The Pride Method to creating a life and relationship you LOVE!

Pride Amplified - our next-level, signature program will give you the steps you need in order to find and maintain true, lasting love. Our method has helped hundreds of LGBTQ+ adults absolutely shift and transform their life into one they are proud of. Using mindfulness and manifestation...we're here to show you how you can use your inner power to create the life and relationships you've always dreamed of.

Prioritize yourself and start saying YES to YOU!

Release unrealistic expectations of who you "should be"

Identify who you want to become and the relationships you want to have

Develop a deep loving connection with yourself

Explore ALIGNED relationships and create your fulfilled life

Ready to apply!

You need all steps of The Pride Method to become aligned with yourself and your future partner and we're here to support you every step of the way. There is no other program that walks you through these vital steps like Pride Amplified™.


Your Personal Coaches & Hype Women

Hey, we're Dani & Keely! We both spent years struggling with accepting ourselves (including our sexuality) and dating the wrong people over and over again.

 We figured out what it *really* takes to find meaningful relationships, live for ourselves and to create a passionate, fulfilling life. It took stepping into what our next-level selves needed... commiting to ourselves and the journey to become the person we wanted to be. We couldn't have done it with the same thoughts, routine and actions we were taking before. Yup, we invested in ourselves.

When we took these new steps in our lives, we went on to come out as gay (and feel great about it), found love in eachother, broke our negative self-talk habits,  put ourselves out there and created a life that felt really good to us.

We both learned so much from our relationships and the inner battle of not feeling good enough that we realized our happiness boiled down to wanting more and actually taking action to do something different. That's when everything changed.

Dani is a certified IPEC life coach and 2x published author, helping clients internationally for the last 5 years specializing in self-esteem. Keely is a natural born healer coaching from an intuitive place. She specializes in coming out in religion and healing from toxic relationships. Together we make an unmatched duo. We've created Pride Amplified, bringing in a combination of mindset and personal development to help you create the relationships you've always wanted.

Apply Now, we want this for you too!

Love Notes From People Who've Worked With Us This Year!

I would encourage you all to jump into as much as you can, as you grow into the amazing humans you’re meant to be!The self-growth I’ve made since becoming a member, is truly remarkable, and to see so much growth in other members over the short time I’ve known them is just crazy.

- Demi, Australia

Working with Dani & Keely really helped me finally find myself and deal with different struggles I was having during my current relationship. Through the different Zooms, videos, worksheets, and great discussions, they helped me love myself for who I am and not let the judgement from people outside of my circle bother me anymore!

- Dylan, Pennsylvania

“With Dani & Keely, I’ve grown as a person in understanding more about who I am and making sure I take time for myself. This allowed me to connect better with someone and have confidence to create healthy relationships!”

- Richelle, Virgina

"I now have a great understanding of healthy relationships thanks to Dani & Keely as they taught me that open communication, trust and also independence is key to being in a relationship. I have learned so much from them, that’s just the beginning! "

- Charlie, United Kingdom

You Have Two Options...

One: You can try to do this alone, looking for a quick fix, searching high and low for the answers online downloading all the freebies you can...


Two: You can take this next-level step towards creating a relationship with yourself and others that finally lasts. One that doesn't just exist in a daydream. You're uncovering your truest self and calling in your aligned relationship that is fulfilling. You know you have all the tools and support to make any long lasting change in your life.

Which will it be?


How long does this program last?

This program is an all-in experience, it's 6 months! You're supported all along the way to help you step into the person you were made to be. You can start this program at any time so apply above and we'll follow up with you to get started ASAP!

Is this program only for single people?

If you're wanting to work on the relationship with yourself so you can have those healthy relationships in your life, this program will dive deep into your becoming your most authentic self.

Do I Have To Want A Relationship Now To Be In Pride Amplified?

Nope! Pride Amplified gives you all of the tools, resources and support to help you lay the foundation of the life you want to live..including your relationships. Through working on becoming an emotionally strong, confident, self-loving'll be ready whenever someone great does come into your life.

How is this different than the Rediscovering You Course?

Rediscovering You is a self-paced course, purely focused on learning how to connect, understand and accept who you are. We cover all of that and so much more in our supportive, live program, Pride Amplified. We dive into the complete authentic self & relationship journey in this next-level, signature program Pride Amplified.

What if I don't have the time for this?

We truly make time for what’s important to us! There really isn't a "good time" to work on you and it requires you to commit to yourself and value your growth before anything else. 

Can you put a side a few hours a month to attend a check-in and watch a short video on Teachable?   The time commitment isn’t hard when you want this for yourself. 

You can change your life in the next few months and all that is required is your willingness to.

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