You have what it takes to create the life and relationships of your dreams. We help you get there.

In just six months, you’ll learn to let go of who you’ve constantly been told to be and step into who you actually want to be — so you can live authentically, love whole-heartedly, and create a life that doesn't only look good "on paper", but one you're truly excited about.

I'm ready for your help!

How to know if you’re putting your needs last (AKA people-pleaser):

You tend to mold yourself into different versions of who you think someone expects you to be. You've created the "perfect "image but are unfulfilled and exhausted inside.

You bend over backwards for romantic partners, hoping they will return the favor. You wonder how you missed the countless red flags & settled for so long.

You constantly sacrifice your own happiness — so everyone else around you is happy instead. It's been more important to you to avoid confrontation than create boundaries...but it ends here.

And lastly, you’re unable to open up and express any of this to those you love.

Because you’re extremely hard on yourself. Because you’re trying to be who they expect you to be. Because you’re bending over backwards for them. Because to you, everyone else’s happiness is consistently prioritized at the expense of your own.

But what if your happiness didn’t have to be on the back burner? What if you could live a life that not only transformed the relationships you have with others, but also the relationship you have with yourself?

This is what never people-pleasing again looks like:

  • Unlearn the expectations society, family, and past relationships have placed on you — so you can take ownership of your life and future.
  • Discover the beautiful parts of yourself you’ve been suppressing for far too long — so you can embrace your most authentic self to the fullest extent...ahhh a breath of fresh air.
  • Recognize the ways you’ve been treated in the past reflected in the ways you treat yourself — so your new reality is only ever dictated by you.
  • Learn to prioritize your own wants and needs — so others' happiness isn’t succeeding yours.
  • Know your limitless worth in this world — so you stop seeking the validation of others and instead, start validating yourself.
  • Create ultimate confidence within so you know when to leave romantic relationships that no longer serve you and can open your capacity to those who deserve you.
I NEED that!

It’s time to unlearn who society told you to be and be at peace with who you're becoming. So you can live your life unapologetically, find love that’s worth protecting, and accept the happiness you've gone too long without.

It’s time for the Pride Amplified™ Experience.

This is a six-month group coaching program for career-driven queer adults that’ll walk you through the exact framework to reveal a life you’ve been dreaming about all along — because you deserve a fulfilling life that doesn't just look good "on paper".

"If your instinct is telling you that it's time to make a change in your life to be more authentically yourself and to live the life that's meant for you…trust it."

Investing in yourself doesn't mean overloading with "more work". We've curated this program for the "busy, career-focused" person. Here's what's included in our "done-with-you", conveniently packaged program:

A kickoff call with us to set you up for success during the six-month coaching journey.

You’ll get a PRIVATE 1:1 success session with the Coming Out Happy Team to personalize your next six months — so success will only come naturally.

Two LIVE group coaching Zoom calls per month for the entirety of the six months,

Through twelve LIVE zoom calls, you’ll get to dive deeper into the frameworks of setting boundaries, releasing expectations, living authentically, and so much more.

Access to Q&A sessions with your Life Coaches on every call.

We provide you with a safe space to ask anything that’ll help you reach your goals at the end of EVERY Live Coaching Call.

Accountability through our exclusive, private community of people who are on this journey with you.

With access to our private community, you’re able to be held accountable, share your wins (the community is not on Facebook), communicate freely, and experience the personal connection that comes with journeying down a transformative path together.

Six-month access to our signature The Pride Method™ Framework.

Our signature framework that has helped hundreds of people step into their truest selves will be used throughout the six months.

A downloadable WORKBOOK for every module in the Framework.

You’ll get interactive workbooks for every month so you can experience personalized growth without missing a beat.

Monthly progress reports to track your growth throughout the coaching.

Allow yourself to celebrate wins, track growth, and understand your journey.

The most authentic version of you imaginable.

This one seems obvious, but it's also the most important. This is what makes it all worth it!

& Here are the BONUSES!

Personal invitations to all Coming Out Happy events and in-person retreats.

We want this community to continue even further! And you'll get first-dibs!

Access to ALL past Live Coaching Calls throughout the lifetime of Pride Amplified™.

Never miss an important conversation by accessing ALL past Live Coaching Calls since we've started this program.

A personal Pride Amplified™ welcome gift from us!

Our goal is to make you feel at home over the next six months, and that requires a welcome home gift!

When you join Pride Amplified™, you’ll get six months of personalized support via live group coaching calls and access to our proven framework necessary to navigate your journey to:

Radical self-love and self-acceptance.

Complete inner peace and happiness.

A relationship you never knew possible.

I want all of that!!

All of THIS is possible in just six months:

Month One

Release Unrealistic Expectations

  • Explore how you’ve been treated in the past and how that affects who you are today.
  • Recognize when you started to be someone you’re not and be able to pinpoint the repercussions of that.
  • Realize the expectations you’ve set for yourself based on other people’s needs, rather than your own.
  • Understand how the negative thoughts you feel about yourself are taking over your mindset.

Month Two

Defining Self-Worth

  • Whole-heartedly believe that you deserve to be your truest self, and know how to reach it.
  • Differentiate your negative self-worth from your self-judgement.
  • Recognize your inner critic and learn to adapt with it.
  • Reframe those negative thoughts into actionable and tangible growth and evolution.

Month Three

Embracing Your Highest Self

  • Let go of the thoughts and feelings other people have towards you.
  • Release the pressure you feel to label yourself.
  • Pull out the parts of you that make you the truest form of yourself.
  • Forgive the way you’ve treated yourself so you can begin healing.

Month Four

Explore Your Relationship With Others

  • Create genuine relationships with people by introducing your most authentic self.
  • Understand how vulnerability allows for lasting connection to those around you.
  • Learn frameworks to communicate freely with the people in your life.
  • Establish boundaries that align with your values and ideas of healthy relationships.

Month Five

Prioritize Your Happiness

  • Speak up in uncomfortable personal situations to prioritize yourself and your needs.
  • Envision a life where self-love and self-happiness are both prioritized.
  • Learn the steps necessary to actually create that life, and live in it happily.
  • Trust your own ability to build onto that happiness with another person.

Month Six

Calling In Your Dream Partner

  • Understand the importance of showing up authentically in a romantic relationship.
  • Attract a healthy relationship that isn’t one sided.
  • Recognize the red flags that you've experienced too many times before.
  • Create a long-term plan to bring more happiness, purpose, and passion into your life for years to come.

"You don't have to wait to love yourself. You deserve to love yourself now and to make your life one that you want to live right now."

MAJOR breakthroughs are happening in Pride Amplified™. Lives are changing. Yours is next.

You’ll never regret investing in yourself. The results of this program will keep on coming for years even after you graduate.

Because when you do, here's what can happen:

  • You’ll break down every limiting belief that held you back from living authentically.
  • You’ll let go of the shame you’ve been carrying for too long.
  • You’ll learn to forgive those who’ve wrongfully defined you.
  • You’ll stop worrying what people think of you.
  • You’ll forget unrealistic expectations, relinquishing constant disappointment.
  • You’ll gain confidence in expressing your wants and needs to define healthy boundaries.
  • You’ll start prioritizing yourself by speaking up when silenced.
  • You’ll attract meaningful relationships that aren’t a one-way street.
  • You’ll trade out those negative thoughts about yourself for positive ones.
  • You’ll discover parts of yourself you never knew existed.
  • You’ll know how to open your heart to someone in a healthy and passionate way.

"Working with Dani & Keely has changed my life. Being LGBTQ+ has so many unique struggles and it can be difficult to navigate all of the ups and downs, especially when people around you don't understand. I've learned so much about myself through working with them and being a part of this beautiful growth-minded community!"

Bryona, USA

"Before I started working with Dani and Keely, I had no relationship with myself and didn't even value my own happiness. I just wanted others to be happy. Since joining them in Pride Amplified, I feel close with myself and am learning how to put myself first. The fact that I want to continue to grow and work on myself is HUGE! Before working with Dani and Keely I really didn’t think I deserved that. Since joining Pride Amplified, my overall mindset has changed drastically."

McKenna, USA

"After having a divorce many years ago and struggling with understanding myself, I finally feel like I'm coming out again in my mid 30s and re-discovering who I am. I’m seeing what boundaries I need to implement very clearly for the first time! I feel much more confident in how I look, expressing myself, taking time for myself and what it means to be LGBTQ+ at 36. It definitely can be hard to sit with the uncomfortable feelings that have been suppressed for many years but all of it is worth it and is helping me grow! I'm loving investing into myself. I'm really happy with Pride Amplified and love that I have this support in my life."

Natalie, UK

"I'm really starting to trust myself within, and that has helped a lot opening up to others about who I am.  Over these last 6 months, my career has also begun to take off. The biggest take away I had is letting go of what others think of me, creating boundaries, and standing up for myself. My work relationships have grown stronger and it's because I let go of asking for permission and started to confidently be who I am."

Jennifer, USA

Six months stands between the person you think you should be, and the person you actually are.

Who could you be in six months from now?

And better yet, who could be standing next to you?

Hey! We’re Dani and Keely!

We’re your LGBTQ+ Life Coaches, and you don’t have to be on this journey alone!

Hi, I'm Dani!

Founder, LGBTQ+ Life Coach

Hi, I'm Dani! I’m a certified IPEC Life Coach, published author, and a highly passionate human being. After years of molding myself into who others wanted me to be and prioritizing everyone else's happiness above my own, it led me to some of the most toxic relationships I had ever been in. Not only was I my own biggest critic, I latched onto people who also didn’t make me feel seen, loved, and worthy. I decided my happiness mattered because I didn't want to continue the same cycle of being afraid to show the real me, hating who I had become, and attracting relationships that were never equal. So I embarked on a much needed self-love journey and transformed how I felt about myself and my relationships. I became a Coach in 2017 because I believe LGBTQ+ adults don’t have to do this alone. As a recovering over-thinker, I help our students turn down their ‘head’ and turn up their ‘heart.’ 

Hi, I'm Keely!

Founder, LGBTQ+ Life Coach

Hi, I’m Keely! I'm a certified EFT practitioner, life coach and your biggest hype woman. After experiencing years of religious trauma, I found myself trying to heal through multiple codependent relationships, and people pleasing.. It wasn’t until I met Dani that I realized my attempt at healing was only making my view of self-worth worse. By unlearning how I once viewed myself and recognizing how to make my actual wants and needs a priority, I could step into my most authentic self. And even found a healthy relationship with the one who sparked that journey in me — Dani. From my Management experience to playing semi-professional soccer, everything I’ve done in my life has been about bringing people together. My own experience with stepping into my most authentic self combined with my relentless passion to bring out the best in others can show anyone anywhere that the impossible… isn’t so impossible anymore.

Together... We're Coming Out Happy!

Between Dani’s patience, persistence, and passion, and Keely’s enthusiasm, experience, and empathy, we’re an unmatched duo in the LGBTQ+ Life Coaching industry. And our Signature Program Pride Amplified™ reflects that.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients live freely, love fully, and impact greatly. And we’re committed to helping even more.

68% of LGBTQ+ people grew up feeling unaccepted.

So it’s no wonder that — as adults — we begin to conceal the parts of ourselves that make up our most authentic self, and begin prioritizing everyone else's happiness above our own.

But we think you’ve waited long enough to break through the protective barrier you've put up. 

So we’re changing that narrative. One person at a time.

You’ve done what was expected of you for far too long.

And now you’re ready to take your life back.

With Pride.

Pride Amplified™ will change your life.

You've waited long enough to be you...

Join Pride Amplified™ today. Start putting yourself first tomorrow.

Got questions?

How long does this program last?

This isn’t your average group coaching program. Pride Amplified™ is an all-in experience. We’ll be together for SIX MONTHS — because we know the person you can become in that amount of time. (And you'll want to know that person too!)

Is there any 1:1 support in this group program?

We provide personalized support through a group format! We know that the benefit of this program is being able to also learn from other's experiences.

When can I start?

If accepted into our program, you can start the day we send you the link to join! You don't have to wait to start this new journey and everyone joins at different times.

What if I miss a LIVE coaching call?

We get it — life’s busy! All of our calls are recorded and available for you to rewatch on your own time! So if you need to miss a coaching call, no worries. You'll catch the replay!

Is this program only for single people?

Absolutely not! This program introduces you to the truest, most authentic version of yourself — no matter your relationship status. 

Do I Have To Want A Relationship Now To Be In Pride Amplified?

Not at all! But if you eventually choose to want a relationship, you’ll definitely be ready for it!  

How do the monthly videos work?

A new module will be dripped every single month throughout the six-month coaching program. These modules come with guided video lessons, personalized and interactive workbooks, and TWO LIVE coaching calls.

What if I don't have the time for this?

We make time for the things that are important to us. And from previous transformations we’ve seen through the program, you’re going to want to make time for this.  

What if doing this work and becoming my true self scares me?

You’ve been hiding who you are for too long. Prioritizing your life and your happiness starts here. You deserve it.  

Do you take insurance for this program?

No, insurance only covers medically necessary treatments. This program is an investment in yourself, your relationships and your future for years to come.  

What is the difference between life coaching & therapy?

Coaches guide you through all aspects of your life and help you create an action plan to accomplish your goals. They help you explore your own potential by identifying barriers and letting go of limiting beliefs that hold you back.

Who should see a life coach? Anyone who is ready and willing to take action to see different results in their life should see a coach. Someone who knows where they currently are and where they want to go would benefit from having a coach to hold them accountable throughout their journey.

Therapists help you explore and process your past if you're experiencing challenges that interfere with your daily life. Therapists also assist people who have experienced trauma, mental illnesses, substance abuse, loss and more.

Many people see both a coach and therapist at the same time to effectively create the life they want.

Here's where to find us!

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