Unhealthy Queer relationship patterns ruining your life? Let your inner healing and relationship experts take it from here.

In just 6 weeks, break unhealthy relationship patterns by healing your attachment wounds and creating a secure relationship within. Pride Amplified Accelerated was created by driven queer adults for driven queer adults. It is the only queer relationship and inner healing program that exists in the WORLD.

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Here is what's DRAINING you:

  • You're so afraid to be alone that you cling onto people even when you know they aren't a good fit for you.
  • You're a people-pleaser in your relationships and skip over red flags constantly. You're always over-giving & the favor is never returned.
  • You're aware of claiming an "insecure attachment" and either need constant reassurance out of anxiety or pull away when things get "too close."
  • You've put more importance on "keeping the peace" and avoiding confrontation than creating boundaries. You're hard on yourself but make excuses for everyone else.
  • You're always losing yourself quickly in relationships and don't know who you are to the core so you continue to fall into what you call "codependent" relationships over and over.

You're Absolutely DONE With Ruining Your Relationships. You're Ready To Begin Healing Your Inner Wounds Now Before Getting Into Another Relationship.

You've let your emotions takeover the relationships with yourself and others for too long. You know you're not happy and can't stand another day letting the fear of being alone control your life and actions. Maybe you even lose sleep over why people don't text you back...imagine what else this stress is doing to you emotionally, physically and spiritually.

It's time to take your power back so you can experience genuine and meaningful relationships by rebuilding the relationship within. This work needs to start now because it will be continued as you heal with a partner! Trust us on this one. You need a solid foundation now.

It’s time for Pride Amplified™ Accelerated.

Pride Amplified™️ is an intimate 6 week group coaching program for high-achieving queer adults who are ready to break the cycle of people-pleasing and redefine their self-worth through mind-body connection.

In just 6 weeks with our proven PRIDE Method™️ Framework, you will learn how to set boundaries and stand up for yourself so that you can live more confidently and create deeply fulfilling relationships.

June 12th - July 20th 2022 (IN SESSION)

Live Calls:

  • Orientation Call: Sunday June 12th 9 AM PST / 12 PM EST
  • Week #1: Wednesday June 15th 5PM PST / 8PM EST
  • Week #2: Tuesday, June 21st 5PM PST / 8PM EST
  • Week #3: Wednesday June 29th 5PM PST / 8PM EST
  • Week #4: Wednesday July 6th 5PM PST / 8PM EST
  • Week #5: Wednesday July 13th 5PM PST / 8PM EST
  • Week #6: Wednesday July 20th 5PM PST / 8PM EST

(All calls are recorded in case you can't attend live)

Meet Your Coaches & Healers!

As LGTBQ+ Life Coaches and Somatic Healers, we will show you how to tune into your needs, and break the cycle of people-pleasing through mind-body connection. Our approach is multidimensional, using tools and modalities to release trapped negative emotions and limiting beliefs holding you back from creating the life and relationships you want. You will learn how to set boundaries and stand up for yourself so that you can live more confidently and create deeply fulfilling relationships.

Hi, I'm Dani!

I’m a certified IPEC Life Coach, 2x published author, and a highly passionate human being.

After years of molding myself into who others wanted me to be and prioritizing everyone else's happiness above my own, it led me to some of the most toxic relationships I had ever been in. Not only was I my own biggest critic, I latched onto people who also didn’t make me feel seen, loved, and worthy. I decided my happiness mattered because I didn't want to continue the same cycle of being afraid to show the real me, hating who I had become, and attracting relationships that were never equal. So I embarked on a much needed self-love journey and transformed how I felt about myself and my relationships. I became a Coach in 2017 because I believe LGBTQ+ adults don’t have to do this alone. As a recovering over-thinker, I help our students turn down their ‘head’ and turn up their ‘heart.’ 

Hi, I'm Keely!

I'm a certified EFT practitioner, Somatic Healer, Life Coach and your biggest hype woman.

After experiencing years of religious trauma, I found myself trying to heal through multiple codependent relationships, and people pleasing. It wasn’t until I met Dani that I realized my attempt at healing was only making my view of self-worth worse. By unlearning how I once viewed myself and recognizing how to make my actual wants and needs a priority, I could step into my most authentic self. And even found a healthy relationship with the one who sparked that journey in me — Dani. From my Management experience to playing semi-professional soccer, everything I’ve done in my life has been about bringing people together. My own experience with stepping into my most authentic self combined with my relentless passion to bring out the best in others can show anyone anywhere that the impossible… isn’t so impossible anymore.

Together... We're Coming Out Happy!

Between Dani’s patience, persistence, and passion, and Keely’s enthusiasm, experience, and empathy, we are an unmatched duo in the LGBTQ+ life coaching and healing community. 

And our Signature Program Pride Amplified™ reflects that.

With expert guidance from your coaches, healing in an all-queer community and having the tools to become the best version of yourself, you'll be sure to make true, long-lasting transformations here.

Here's what's included in our high-level 6 week program:

An orientation group call to set you up for success during the six week journey.

Your cohort will meet with the Coming Out Happy Team to amplify your next six weeks — so success will only come naturally.

6 LIVE group training & coaching Zoom calls

Through six LIVE zoom calls, you’ll get to dive deeper into the frameworks of setting boundaries, releasing expectations, secure attachment, and so much more. (recordings available if you miss the live)

Access to Q&A sessions with your Life Coaches on every call.

We provide you with a safe space to ask anything that’ll help you reach your goals at the end of EVERY Live Coaching Call.

Accountability through our exclusive, private community.

With access to our private community, you’re able to be held accountable, share your wins communicate freely, and experience the personal connection that comes with journeying down a transformative path together.

Six-week access to our signature The Pride Method™ Framework.

Our signature framework that has helped hundreds of people step into their truest selves will be used throughout the six weeks.

A downloadable WORKBOOK for every module in the Framework.

You’ll get interactive workbooks for every month so you can experience personalized growth without missing a beat.

Weekly progress reports to track your growth.

Allow yourself to celebrate wins, track growth, and understand your journey.

A more secure & confident version of yourself.

By doing the deep work for 6 weeks, you'll become more secure in yourself so you'll be on your way to creating the life & relationships you've always wanted.

Here's What We'll Cover In Our 6 Week Journey As We Dive Into Our P.R.I.D.E. Method™️ LIVE With You:

Week One (P)

Prioritize Inner Relationship & Values

  • Learn how to body scan and understand your "internal mapping" whenever you're triggered by your "attachment."
  • Understand the importance of your nervous system and how it works for you to create your reality.
  • Identify pain points in your body and how to regulate through Pendulation activities.
  • Uncover your values to set up your routine so you can prioritize what is important to you instead of prioritizing everyone else.

Week Two (R)

Release Unrealistic Expectations

  • Explore how you’ve been treated in the past by previous relationships and how that affects who you are today.
  • Realize the expectations you’ve set for yourself based on other people’s needs, rather than your own.
  • Understand how the expectations you are taking on show up & speak to you in your body. 
  • Energetically release these expectations living within you through a Somatic Body Experience. 

Week Three (I)

Identify & Feel Your Feelings

  • Connect to felt sensations and emotions around worthiness, fear, shame, anger, and overwhelm. 
  • Learn how to process and move through these tough emotions so you don’t get stuck in the endless loop of just "feeling" them. 
  • Create a process for real life situations where you have noticed these emotions take over before. 
  • Learn how to nurture yourself when these feelings are heavy with affirmation work.

Week Four (D)

Develop Self Loving Decisions & Boundary Setting

  • Speak up for you what you want and identify the tension you feel in your body when you aren’t speaking up. 
  • Embrace forgiveness of unmet needs in the past so you can open up your capacity for more self love. 
  • Learn how to investigate your feelings and understand what it is that you really want. 
  • You have the knowledge, tools, and support needed to tackle your next steps with confidence because you're creating boundaries that work for you and align with your relationship to self.

Week Five (E)

Exploring Healing In Relationship

  • Understand the importance of showing up authentically in a romantic relationship.
  • Recognize the red flags that you've experienced too many times before.
  • Identify tools you can use to co-regulate in your relationships. 
  • Create a long-term plan to bring more happiness, purpose, and passion into your life for years to come.

Week Six (Wrap Up)

Future Visioning and Integration

  • Build out a "vision board" that encompasses your goals beyond graduation of Pride Amplified.
  • Feel confident in the tools and healing modalities you learned throughout the 6 weeks to tackle your next steps with confidence. 
  • Know your limitless potential and enjoy the life you are going to continue to create for yourself. 
  • Celebrate how far you’ve come and the life long connections you have made from healing in community with those in this program.

When you join us you become part of a team.

Your name is on the roster and we are putting you in the game to play. You become bonded with your cohort unit and more often than not these people become your life long friends. This is more than just healing on your own 1:1, this is about healing in queer community BABY. This is what you need. 

Pride Amplified™️ will help you thrive in your future relationships as much as you already do in your career:

  • Unlearn the expectations society, family, and past relationships have placed on you — so you can begin to develop a secure and trusting relationship with yourself.
  • Learn how to process and move through these uncomfortable emotions from your past relationships so you create a solid plan to handle future relationships.  
  • Learn to prioritize your own wants and needs — so others' happiness isn’t succeeding yours.
  • Embrace forgiveness of unmet needs in the past so you can open up your capacity for more self love.
  • Know your limitless worth in this world — so you stop seeking the validation of others and instead, start validating yourself.
  • Create ultimate confidence within so you know when to leave romantic relationships that no longer serve you and can open your capacity to those who deserve you. The fear of loneliness is done dictating your life...because we taught you how to feel into that sensation and process it.

"If your instinct is telling you that it's time to make a change in your life to be more authentically yourself and to live the life that's meant for you…trust it."

Get on the waitlist! Stop Waiting For "The Perfect Time", You've Waited Long Enough.

"You don't have to wait to love yourself. You deserve to love yourself now and to make your life one that you want to live right now."

Our Mission & Values Within Pride Amplified

There are real systems of oppression, societal expectations, and a wide range of learned behaviors that can deeply impact our lived experiences & how we all see ourselves which affects how we create relationships.

We want to acknowledge these systemic and historic barriers so that we can actively guide you to a place of holistic empowerment, support, healing, and authenticity in your own journey. We will support you in finding your inner strength and amplifying your voice as it deserves to be heard in this program.

"Since graduating Pride Amplified, I’ve had wins such as wearing the clothes I’ve always wanted to wear, I have a new job I love and I’m finally moving into my own apartment soon! I’m more authentic every day. I let go of the limiting beliefs that I need to be anxious & that I need to hide myself to stay safe. I also let go of making sure other people are comfortable is more important than my own comfort and needs. I really love the tapping we learned throughout the program… I feel much more confident than I did walking in. Thank you!"

Dr. Nicole P., USA

"Throughout this process, I feel more able to be honest with myself and people around me.I am better able to notice feelings like shame and create healthy boundaries as well as use these feelings to deepen my connection to myself. I have let go of feeling responsible for other's well being and feelings. I have let go of the limiting belief that I am “too much” and feel “too much”. I now know that I AM capable of taking care of myself and I am worthy of love. ​​I absolutely loved the Live Calls and the Pride Framework in the program. I love that Keely and Dani facilitate deepening our connection with our bodies and recentering in our core self through different modalities. I thank them both from my heart to theirs, I so appreciate the work that they do and see how their hearts are so in it."

Dr. Elise K., USA

"Working with Dani & Keely has changed my life. Being LGBTQ+ has so many unique struggles and it can be difficult to navigate all of the ups and downs, especially when people around you don't understand. I've learned so much about myself through working with them and being a part of this beautiful growth-minded community!"

Bryona, USA

"Before I started working with Dani and Keely, I had no relationship with myself and didn't even value my own happiness. I just wanted others to be happy. Since joining them in Pride Amplified, I feel close with myself and am learning how to put myself first. The fact that I want to continue to grow and work on myself is HUGE! Before working with Dani and Keely I really didn’t think I deserved that. Since joining Pride Amplified, my overall mindset has changed drastically."

McKenna, USA

"After having a divorce many years ago and struggling with understanding myself, I finally feel like I'm coming out again in my mid 30s and re-discovering who I am. I’m seeing what boundaries I need to implement very clearly for the first time! I feel much more confident in how I look, expressing myself, taking time for myself and what it means to be LGBTQ+ at 36. It definitely can be hard to sit with the uncomfortable feelings that have been suppressed for many years but all of it is worth it and is helping me grow! I'm loving investing into myself. I'm really happy with Pride Amplified and love that I have this support in my life."

Natalie, UK

"I'm really starting to trust myself within, and that has helped a lot opening up to others about who I am.  Through this program, my career has also begun to take off. The biggest take away I had is letting go of what others think of me, creating boundaries, and standing up for myself. My work relationships have grown stronger and it's because I let go of asking for permission and started to confidently be who I am."

Jennifer, USA

Pride Amplified™ will change your life.

You’ll never regret investing in yourself. The results of this program will keep on coming for years even after you graduate.

Because when you do, here's what can happen:

  • You'll be comfortable in the feeling of loneliness, that has ruined your relationships over and over again
  • You’ll break down every limiting belief that held you back from inner happiness.
  • You’ll let go of the inner shame you’ve been carrying for too long.
  • You’ll stop worrying what people think of you.
  • You’ll forget unrealistic expectations, relinquishing constant disappointment.
  • You’ll gain confidence in expressing your wants and needs to define healthy boundaries.
  • You’ll start prioritizing yourself by speaking up when silenced.
  • You’ll attract meaningful relationships that aren’t a one-way street.
  • You’ll trade out those negative thoughts about yourself for positive ones.
  • You’ll discover parts of yourself you never knew existed.
  • You’ll know how to open your heart to someone in a healthy and passionate way.

Pride Amplified is an investment of $1,500 USD Paid in full ($200 discount) or two payments of $850 USD. If you need an extended payment plan, please still apply so we can chat through how you can make this possible!

Traditional Healing Has You Stuck.

Holistic healing, like Somatic Therapy, is a method of healing trauma and restoring a person’s connection with their body so they can release what they’ve held onto from the past. Keely became a Certified Somatic Healer after finding herself and her queer clients stuck in YEARS of traditional talk therapy. Don't get us wrong, therapy can be helpful...but there are more ways to heal. View our quick demonstration below!

Awareness Is The First Step

Most of our clients come to us after 10+ years of therapy, being consciously aware of what's wrong which is great but not being sure how to truly move through it and break patterns for good.

Energy Lives In Your Body

Negative Energy, Emotions & Trauma are stored in the body at the cellular level, so just talking about your past is an incomplete approach to repatterining because it's still living within your body. This is where we come in.

Feel The Sensations

We will show you how to not just be "aware" of your patterns, but know know what it feels like in their body. If you don’t become aware of the sensation, you’ll most likely distract yourself from these feelings and repeat the same patterns over and over again.

You've waited long enough to be happy...

Join Pride Amplified™ today.

Got questions?

How long does this program last?

This isn’t your average group coaching program. Pride Amplified™ is an all-in experience. We’ll be together for SIX WEEKS — because we know the person you can become in that amount of time. (And you'll want to know that person too!)

When can I start?

You can join right now after you APPLY! Our next cohort is June 15h but we are accepting enrollments now. You don't have to wait to start this new journey and everyone joins at different times. As soon as your payment goes through after having your call and deciding it's a good fit, you'll be sent all of your next steps.

What if doing this work and becoming my true self scares me?

You’ve been hiding who you are for too long. Prioritizing your life and your happiness starts here. You deserve it.  

How do the weekly videos work?

A new module will be dripped every single week throughout the six-week coaching program. These modules come with guided video lessons, personalized and interactive workbooks, and weekly coaching calls.

Is there any 1:1 support in this group program?

We provide personalized support through a group format! We know that the benefit of this program is being able to also learn from other's experiences.

What if I miss a LIVE coaching call?

We get it — life’s busy! All of our calls are recorded and available for you to rewatch on your own time! So if you need to miss a coaching call, no worries. You'll catch the replay!

Do I Have To Want A Relationship Now To Be In Pride Amplified?

Not at all! But if you eventually choose to want a relationship, you’ll definitely be ready for it!  

Is this program only for single people?

Absolutely not! This program introduces you to the truest, most authentic version of yourself — no matter your relationship status. 

What if I don't have the time for this?

We make time for the things that are important to us. And from previous transformations we’ve seen through the program, you’re going to want to make time for this.  

Do you take insurance for this program?

No, most insurance only covers medically necessary treatments. This program is an investment in yourself, your relationships and your future for years to come.  

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