Is Your Attachment Style Insecure Or Secure?Take The Quiz If...

  • You're a high-achieving & single queer adult who has it "all together" on the outside but struggles to create vulnerable, intimate relationships
  • You're a leader in your career and find yourself "fixing" or "caretaking" people financially and emotionally even when you know they aren't right for you
  • You're a total "people-pleaser" and are tired of putting your needs on the back burner
  • You believe in yourself and know you are ready for a new set of tools, strategies & skills to break these patterns so you CAN finally create healthy relationships.

Meet The Experts

Hey there! We're Dani & Keely (the founders of Coming Out Happy, World's Leading Queer Wellness Company)

Dani is a certified IPEC Life Coach & 2x Published Author. Keely is a certified Somatic Attachment Therapist & EFT Practitioner. Through our years of training, extensive research with thousands of highly successful queer clients and our own personal experience, we've hand-crafted this E-book to give you the answers you've been waiting for so you can begin creating the life & relationships you deserve. When talk therapy just isn't cutting it anymore, our clients come to us when they're ready for a new set of tools, strategies and the queer perspective they didn't know they needed to help them on their way towards the life and relationships they really want.

We know you're always striving to achieve more, but there's something in the way that's holding you back from healthy, genuine love. We're spilling it all with you today so dive in. Let's do this.