You Deserve To Be Happy

YES I need this!

You Know Why You're Here. We Get You.

As LGBTQ+ people, we've had to hide certain parts of ourselves for so long that we've become someone we barely even know.

You're In The Right Place If You're Feeling...

  • Feeling like you can't just be you
  • Feeling very far away and unsure of who you are and what makes you happy
  • Uncomfortable as ever in your own skin and identity
  • Disconnected from the things you value
  • Like you've been living a "double life" for way too long...

This Is Showing Up In Your Life By...

  • You're struggling to express your identity with people you're closest to
  • You're overly stressed with trying to understand who you are
  • You never allow people to see you for who you really are
  • You feel lost with your place in life

You're Ready For A Change.

Imagine for a second...ditching the negative self-talk and breaking free from all of the thoughts telling you "you arent good enough". With the Rediscovering You Course, you'll be able to...

Be comfortable in your LGBTQ identity

Let go of judgements you have for yourself

Identify who you want to become

Create a positive outlook on yourself

This is your permission slip, you deserve this.

Go from someone who is feeling far away from who they really are and disconnected from everyone around them

To someone who is finally connecting and accepting who you were made to be so that you can stop comparing yourself to others and trust the process of who you are becoming.

YES I deserve this!


Rediscovering You Course

With this self-paced course, you will be able to understand and connect with who you really are so you can start to live life on your own terms, yup, we are all-in here when it comes to acceptance. This is a great starter course to begin this journey to your most authentic self, the best part is it can be done on your time!

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Your Personal Coaches & Hype Women

Hey, we're Dani & Keely! We both spent years struggling with accepting ourselves (including our sexuality) and dating the wrong people over and over again.

 We figured out what it *really* takes to find meaningful relationships and to stop people-pleasing for good.

When we figured out the secrets, we went on to come out as gay (and feel great about it), find love in eachother, break our negative self-talk habits,  put ourselves out there and create a life that felt really good to us.

We both learned so much from our relationships and the inner battle of not feeling good enough that we realized our happiness boiled down to wanting more than feeling indifferent about ourselves or the life we wanted to live. We wanted to finally be excited about all of it.

Let's DO THIS!

What's Included In Rediscovering YOU?

We're giving you LIFETIME ACCESS to our Rediscovering You Framework, tailored worksheets and BONUS recorded content.

Rediscovering You Framework

We are ALL-IN when it comes to acceptance in Rediscovering You! You'll have access to our Rediscovering Framework via Teachable for LIFE! We know you're a busy person which is why our framework is filled with recorded videos that are short and sweet, just you need to know to kickstart you on this journey.

Tailored Worksheets

Alongside each video in our framework, you'll also receive a tailored worksheet to walk you through the content! This is where you put what you've learned to WORK!

I'm SO ready!

Bonus Content

How do bonus podcasts sound? From the Coming Out Journey to Manifesting Your Dreams, we have some special bonuses for you inside this all-access, self paced course.


Pick your plan today to join us in our course instantly!


This plan is your lifetime pass to our course! You can do this ALL on your own time (this is a completely self-paced, do it yourself course)

  • Rediscovering You Framework
  • Guided Resources
  • Bonus Content

$397 USD (one time payment)


V.I.P Access

Just one payment of $797 and you have access to all of the below AND one private session with Dani & Keely!

  • Rediscovering You Framework
  • Guided Resources
  • Bonus Content
  • 1 Private Session with Dani & Keely

$797 USD (one time payment)


Working With Us Is For You If..

  • You know that in order to create the life you want to lead, you have to put yourself first and you're looking for a guide/accountability to make this happen
  • You know you're responsible for creating the life you want
  • You're feeling like your day is getting the best of you and you're putting all of your energy into taking on more than you can handle
  • You find yourself constantly scrolling on social media and thinking "why can't I look or be like this person"? and no longer want this feeling in your life
  • You're feeling like time is passing you by being someone you're not and you want to finally break out of your shell and just breathe
  • You know that anything good in life takes dedication and doing things differently than you're currently doing...even if you're scared you're ready to try new things

Love Notes From People Who've Worked With Us This Year!

I would encourage you all to jump into as much as you can, as you grow into the amazing humans you’re meant to be!The self-growth I’ve made since becoming a member, is truly remarkable, and to see so much growth in other members over the short time I’ve known them is just crazy.

- Demi, Australia

Working with Dani & Keely really helped me finally find myself and deal with different struggles I was having during my current relationship. Through the different Zooms, videos, worksheets, and great discussions, they helped me love myself for who I am and not let the judgement from people outside of my circle bother me anymore!

- Dylan, USA

You Have Two Options...

One: You can try to do this alone, searching high and low for the answers online downloading all the freebies you can...


Two: You can take this next-level step towards creating a relationship with yourself that finally lasts. One that doesn't just exist in a daydream.

Which will it be?

Join Us Here!


How long does the course last?

This starter course is your lifetime pass, meaning you can access it at any time, start it whenever you want and do it all at your own pace. Your satisfaction with Coming Out Happy is important to us. Yet, because of the preparation, effort and time that goes into creating and providing the Rediscovering You Framework and materials, we have a no refund policy. This is a great way to start working with us and see how you enjoy it!

I want to focus on relationships too, is this a good fit for me?

Rediscovering You is purely focused on learning how to connect, understand and accept who you are. We dive into the complete authentic journey including self love and creating healthy relationships in our next-level, signature program Pride Amplified. If you're looking to learn more about Pride Amplified, please email and we will discuss!

What if I don't have the time for this?

We truly make time for what’s important to us! There really isn't a "good time" to work on you and it requires you to commit to yourself and value your growth before anything else. 

While this is a self-paced program, if you're wanting to see results, it takes putting aside a few hours of your time and watching those videos we have for you. The time commitment isn’t hard when you want this for yourself. 

You can change your life in the next few days and all that is required is your willingness to.